Note to Self, Regarding 2016:

Don’t let what you might do in six months decide today. You might not live that long.

This I wrote after gazing at my newly printed January-June 2016 calender, excited over the already-filled in dates, the lists and schedules I’ve committed to, and oh so many possibilities for summer 2016 when my obligations here are complete!

Forget it, Miss Keene. Sure, plans and goals give life meaning. Keep you going when life’s a mushy pile.

But really—isn’t today the best day you’ve ever lived?

Granted, not all days are. Some are the worst. Yet, today, today is the best ever and I intend to enjoy it to the fullest.

Join me?

Prescott, AZ , Christmas snow
Santa pondering 2016


Today’s the Day

You knew me best
When we were kids
We ran and played
On skates and skids

We wrestled round
The floor and bed
Splashed pool and lake
Smoked by the shed

You cried with me
When pets were lost
Broke head and arm
Your bike was tossed

And now machines
Keep you alive
Cigs killed your lungs
They won’t revive

I can’t play now
You run alone
Please take my love
To worlds unknown

Baby Stevie Small