I Will

I’m not a victim of fate, genes, or circumstances. I say this as one who has encountered some of the worst things a human can. Violence, betrayal, illness, loss.

At the same time, I’ve encountered the best in life: friends, deep love, opportunity.

These days I’m materially less successful than my youthful self thought I’d be by now. My choices evolved.

Recently, I’ve come to outlive all my next of kin. I really didn’t program that to happen until I was at least 80!

I’ve been wrong about many things; I’ve been foolish and critical. I think I still am and I consider it all good stuff. Being myself is the best I can be.

And as I’ve written before, People are the Thing. Recently within weeks, my favorite dog, and then a best friend, and then my brother who’d been given three months, all passed away. They transitioned. Law of threes? I don’t know. These things do seem to happen in clusters.

I find life futile and meaningless and consider lying down for a very long nap. But hey, I love experiments too, so why not stay awake and see what’s next on the play list?

OK, fine; I will.

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