Be the Reason

Someone close to me is suddenly dying of lung cancer. A cross-wearing acquaintance, when I told him I wouldn’t be socializing much, lectured, “There’s a reason” and after listening too long I blurted, “Yeah there’s a reason he has lung cancer and a reason my family died young: he smoked cigarettes 40-plus years as did the others.” Scoff! That was the response.

Oprah would advise, “There’s always a lesson.”

Get off the phone!

In Christian and Jewish Bibles, Job’s friends blamed him and insisted there was a reason for his tragedies and trials. Finally YHWH (God) got sick of listening to their lame blame game and pretty much said, “It is what it is so shut up!”

Do I sound angry? I hope so. But I don’t want more family and wealth than ever, like Job got at the end of his ordeal.

I just want the dead to come back and the dying to live, and to let you know that 87% of lung cancers are caused by smoking. I don’t have the stats for heart attacks and others but we all know anyway…be healthy, my friends. Be the reason.

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