Failing at Not Thinking about Religion

Troubling. I’ve noticed that Buddhists are big on inducting female children (Pema Chödrön, Tenzin Palmo), running multinational businesses, promoting slavery and serfdom. The whole ball of wax, and they got a head start on Christians by a few centuries. The idea that “suffering” helps the soul is nothing new, as Mother Teresa was aware.

More and more, I wonder if the Dalai Lama and Buddhism are a Trojan horse.

Radical Islam and hard-core Christianity aren’t the only religions in the exploitation game. The “compassionate” Buddhists are too.

Christine A Chandler writes in her blog post, Institutionalized Sexual Abuse in Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ “,

Most westerners have no knowledge of how deeply these influences have penetrated into our most prestigious higher institutions of learning, nor any awareness of the close connections between the Dalai Lama, fellow billionaires, western monarchs and even Indian Hindu nationalists like the conservative RSS, a militant, anti-Muslim group that the Dalai Lama embraces as ‘sharing the same values’.

I’ve benefited from Buddhist prayer and meditation techniques, many of which are taught by good Christian friends. I don’t want to sideline my point by explaining how much time I’ve spent exploring Buddhism. Suffice it to say that the deeper I went, the more obvious the mind-control, exploitation and big-business mentality was in my face, along with a hideous darkness.

I remain a non-religious Jesus freak. I may write more openly about my reasons. Today I wanted to “enlighten” with the above article. Christine A. Chandler says she was a Buddhist 30 years, and I find her political and religious views worth pondering.

I’m failing my goal to not think so much, and I’m OK with that. Thousands of hours of meditation are good for something.

3 thoughts on “Failing at Not Thinking about Religion”

  1. Well, there are two Buddhas; a modern one and the original one as you will see on my post on Buddha on my blog page. The two are not the same. Hindu/Hinduism was a term coined by India’s conquerors. Nowhere in Sanskrit of the Vedas is there such a word.


    1. The complex history since Siddhartha is thousands of years. My concern in this post is modern people and misconceptions. Regardless, you know what the saying is if you see Buddha…Peace.


  2. The descent into cult activities is, sadly, far too easy. Vulnerable people who look to religion (any religion/philosophy) for meaning are susceptible to being used. If this weren’t the case, religions would never have taken root.


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