Stop Human Trafficking PSA

I took part of this Coursera class, during which I moved to an area where human trafficking is rampant. The course helped me understand how pernicious HT is and enabled me to more wisely interact with those living it. I hope you’ll look at the attached PSA.

World of Migrants

In the past weeks I participated in this course by Ohio State University about Human Trafficking. Such a great course, offered by great lecturers. I had the chance to make a PSA to make people aware of what really is Human Trafficking, and now, after all the grading and reviewing process, I am happy to share it with my followers and anyone who reads this blog.

I hope you enjoy the PSA, I know some images can be disturbing, but the issue itself is not something that we can consider “soft”. Many people are victims of this horrible phenomenon. Please help these victims to get their freedom back.

PSA Text:

“I decided to make a simple flyer which shows the major kinds of victims of human trafficking, giving a couple details about this phenomenon and providing information about how to stop/prevent such a horrible thing. 
Human trafficking is very common…

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