Sun Chickens Freedom

  • The sun doesn’t care who or what it shines on.
  • ImageA mirror reflects what it sees, without judgment.
  • Hoarding, greed, clutching and grasping feel really lousy. How much one has cannot cure this. Generosity can.
  • How’s your bullshit meter?
  • Commit a random act of kindness that never occurred to you until today.
  • It’s either “Yes, hell yes!” or it’s no.
  • Life purpose: Hang out, do good, enjoy it while it lasts. That’s this moment.
  • There really truly is more than enough for everybody.
  • I like all foods but I don’t like eating anything that might’ve stared into my eyes.
  • Last night at the supermarket I was hungry for meat but every time I approached the meat aisle I was nauseated, seeing cow eyes, “Please – no!” This happens more and more, and I rarely buy chicken breasts either since watching Food Inc., which shows chickens with pumped up breasts toppling over themselves.
  • Let freedom ring. Let freedom. Let.

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