Good News, Moonstruck!

  • Good news doesn’t sell as well. Let’s change that.
  • I have the impression some non-religious atheists favor book burning, not unlike some religious theist folks.
  • Love, kindness, and all-out humor are like Ms. Pacman, dissolving the hurts and fears in this world.
  • I’ve changed my views that Jesus was celibate. None of my personal actions have changed; it’s a segue of heart and mind.
  • To hold a violin is to float a glorious piece of wood. Only then do I play it.
  • Eve was the brave one; she took the chance on enlightenment. And won!
  • What’s so wrong with hair cowlicks?
  • It becomes increasingly weird to me that disproving religion is a means for disproving God. Religion and God aren’t the same thing.
  • Have you seen the recent full moon?! Breathe it in.
  • “Snap out of it!” Cher to Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck.

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