Natural Kindness

  • “Natural flavor” is about as native as dying your hair to it’s “natural color.”
  • By default, a food I shouldn’t eat is one I crave and eat anyway, feeling appropriately guilty after. In this case, broccoli.
  • Hackers don’t like me.
  • It amuses me to no end that “seniors” are the ones who invented and furthered the very computers and software authors of “Computers for Seniors” are writing their books on.
  • Dr. Esselstyn says “moderation kills” but I do it anyway because it’s perhaps a slower death than outright gluttony.
  • The hours I spend per day in meditation and prayer exponentially multiply my productivity on those days.
  • Meditation is a way to zone out, or to hone in. I do some of both.
  • One simple act of kindness now and then changes everything.

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