Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Coronado Butterfly in TreeFive years ago I kept my first Episcopal Lent and it was a pristine experience. I participated as a virgin to each ritual, walk, singing, lights and incense. I renewed the baptismal vows I’d made in the Deschutes River, WA, when I was 14. For me, this was tantamount to remarriage to Christ after decades of materialistic living.

Then on Easter morning, one of the lectors read a passage not from scripture! No, it was a Marcus Borg quote to effect, “Maybe the disciples simply hallucinated or dreamed Jesus resurrection…it doesn’t matter.” This was shocking to me. I’d never heard such nonsense in a church and this after the 40 days of Lent and tears of rejoicing Easter morning?

This was an “aha” moment that I wasn’t a real Episcopalian, but I persisted. I’ve been thinking on this a lot as I complete my seminary studies; I want so badly to return to the Episcopal church, knowing I can’t.

I believe the bodily resurrection, the whole schemer with whipped cream and a cherry on top. I have hope of the kingdom within and without, now and in the life to come, and that the “dead” aren’t dead at all! This keeps me going in this crazy world.

As said in the Easter liturgy, “The Lord is risen, He is risen indeed!” I know it, I live it. I won’t be at any church this weekend and bought a can of pineapple to put on my yogurt tomorrow. I’m no longer religious; I just live each moment as a cherished gift, doing good in the world. I’m glad Easter is celebrated in its various ways, shapes and forms by all kinds of people. Have a good one!

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