Black and White Thinking

Harriett•  Coconut ice cream with Hershey’s topping

•  Café cortado—coffee cut with milk

•  Chess, anyone?

•  Ansel Adam’s Canyon de Chelly

•  Yin-yang  ☯

•  Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy

•  Piano Keys

•  Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

•  To Kill a Mockingbird

•  Oreos

•  Black: Mixing too many colors on my oil paint palette

•  White: Color of my aura according to one of my students after class

•  Checkerboard marble floors in Vermeer’s The Artist in His Studio

•  Mickey Mouse

•  Sheet music on my Manhasset music stand

•  Times New Roman on Hammermill 98 Brightness, 24lb

The Ed Sullivan Show, “A really big shew” 

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