I Wonder about the Timing

  •  No two are alike.
  • All women are women of God.
  • All voices are sacred.
  • We are not victims of our genes. (Bruce Lipton)
  • The best compliment a man can pay a woman is to marry her.
  • George Bush once appeared to me in a dream, wearing a big floppy hat.
  • I will never write as well as Stephen King.
  • Stephen King can’t play the violin and I can.
  • Frank McCourt said he got rich writing about being poor.
  • I miss church every single day and know I can’t go back.
  • I worry that standing close to the microwave while it’s on is zapping me with rays, but I do it anyway.

The day I accepted my Episcopal rector’s discernment to aspire to the priesthood, my beloved cat, the last of my family, became deathly ill and soon died. I’ve often wondered about the timing.

Hazel Lion Meow

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