Bad and Good; Grease & God

  1. The God I believe in isn’t necessarily the same one you don’t believe in.
  2. The opposite of Christianity isn’t atheism.
  3. Bad Christians, politicians, and movie stars make the news and the history books far more than the rest of us.
  4. Infinitely more good things have happened to me than bad, and the bad is pretty bad.
  5. “Simplifying” “Downsizing” and “Decluttering” are pursuits of the well-to-do.
  6. Having “things” is as valid a form of self-expression as is not having things.
  7. It’s not “free” if someone paid for it.
  8. Grease, like greed, is good at the time but always has consequences.
  9. Salt, sugar and fat are the key ingredients of unhealthy food.
  10. Everybody with a computer is a journalist, a blogger, and a world-class novelist.

“I hope,” says Red, at the end of Shawshank Redemption:

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