I love you, Darling

I love you, Darling.
I’m here for you in whatever way you need me to be.

If you are hungry for food, let me offer you my special soup full of happy, healthful things.
May you never go hungry or lack food in my presence.

I’m here for you, my darling.
Come into my arms. Let me hold you, cradle you tight.
Rest your head on my shoulder. Sleep. Rest.
May you never be weary as long as I have arms to carry you.

I’m here. Don’t cry alone any more. I cry with you.
I’ve been lonely too, for I didn’t know that all this time,
You were right here, waiting for me to love you.

May the love I give you and the love you give me circle and swirl and smoke.
May our love, like all Divine Love, permeate all senses
and all non-senses until all are one big Divine Fog.
The only view is love, the only being we can see nearby is Joy.

Oh divine Lover of God—I love Him too, and Her and all the creation that God Is.

I’m here for you, my Darling. I love You.

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