Fear Was Hungry

Fear was hungry
Demanding to be fed
It groveled and growled
And grimaced some morePier Lashed Hurricane Sandy

It yelled and yapped, foam dripped from its mouth
So I fed it the food in my hands
Then the food on my plate, just to shut it up.

But fear wanted more. More!
More food, more drink.
So I gave it all the food in the house in the middle of the night
Just to shut it up so I could get some peace

But then dawn broke the sky, and fear roused again
Angry and seething and wanting more. More!!

So I gave it my clothes
I gave it my car
I gave it my job and my personal I. D.

And still it hissed and roared
So I took it out
We went for a walk
Breathed in the sea air, lavished under the sun

And do you know what Fear did then?

It said it was dying of hunger and that if I didn’t feed it more, MORE!!! It’d die a slow cruel death like one of those zombies in a B horror movie.

So I gave it my soul, fed it my love
I devoted my thoughts to it; sleeping dreams too.

And at last fear shut up and left me in peace
We merged, became one. At last fear was done!

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