This Crazy World

Haven’t trusted myself to say much online, and have missed WordPress. Thank you for being here, still.

I write hours per day, first thing, and through the day. Notes during the nite.

Recent scrawl:

Hate is a cover for fear.

What do haters fear? That there won’t be enough (money, adulation, fairness).

How much is enough?

“A little bit more,” said J. D. Rockefeller.

Hatred = powerlessness perception. I do not say love is the opposite of hate; I suggest acceptance dissolves hate.


Feasting with Friends 2017

My motto for 2017 is Feasting with Friends. A saying steadies me in the moment, while keeping me upbeat about the future, (especially if it involves food).

Last year’s musing was Today is the Day. That one reminded me to stop rolling in past must, to savor the feast on each day’s table.

In 2016, I did  things I never have before: took fiddle lessons and joined a jam session outside my demanding orchestra jobs. Fiddling by ear and tablature was secret fun. I also moved to a canyonimg_6586 in the Prescott, Arizona, Dells, an area I’ve wanted to live in since I first saw it in 2000. The wealth of new friends and opportunities from these two acts alone will enrich moments, always.

Feasting with Friends 2017: May all be well fed in belly and heart.




Trees being planted at Milbe’s years ago.


With love to good old friend Milbe, who passed January 5, 2017. You stuffed us with food and drink and still we craved more, so we could hang out with you. As neighbors you and I feasted well.

Last Words

Anger is a cruel, boring slavemaster; action a thrilling, infinite hero.

Why be petty when I can be powerful? Grimace when I can be graceful? Beauty is inside.

Each day is the best of my life and may be my last.

So what?

I’m not guilting myself over a bucket list. No tidying up or giving back while there’s still time.

My bucket overflows and Death won’t ask if my bed was made or demand a count of my charities. Death don’t care.

Yeah, a radical mindset for a onetime priesthood aspirant, who genuflected and prostrated to a vision of death on the cross.

Jesus finally got through to me despite superstitious kundalini: My good mind and soul always has been enough.

A well-lived life means laughing at myself and with others. If eternity has any requirements—which it doesn’t—laughter is prime.

Ha ha ha! Last words.